Do I need a lawyer?

Everyone has asked this question at least once. And unfortunately not everyone chooses the right moment to hire a lawyer for achieving the best results.

There is a misconception that a lawyer is needed only if and when you are involved in litigation process or find yourself in a stalemate.

In fact, the advocate’s scope of work is wider and it aims at not just solving the conflicts and problems, but also preventing them.

Hence there are numerous situation, beside litigation, where hiring a lawyer is essential:

what is the right time to hire a lawyer?

You intend to buy a piece of property in Northern Cyprus. The process of purchasing property is complicated and sometimes can even be confusing. You need to find an INDEPENDENT LAWYER who will manage all procedures and who will be on your side.

You are asked to sign a contract. You must understand the terms of any contract and be ensure that it describes any terms that you agreed with. Otherwise, you have nothing to rely on without a written agreement. Lawyers can analyse the contract in the context of Turkish Cypriot laws and advise you, and thereby avoid the conflict in future.

You would like to launch your own business. If you decide to run your own business you must hire a lawyer. A lawyer will assist you with all legal work: from registration the company to all the necessary paperwork, from negotiation to litigation, as well as dealing with accidents in the workplace or other issues that can arise during business management.

You are in a complicated divorce and/or in a domestic violence situation. You should hire a lawyer if during the divorce procedure, especially if you have disagreements over the distribution of assets or the custody of children. The lawyer will assist you in this matters. Also if you are a victim of domestic violence, advocates will help you to build strong evidence to stop the abuser. Moreover, a lawyer can can obtain a “stay away” injunction on keeping a certain distance (not closer 100 meters) from your home.

You are involved in corporate or/and finance-related transaction. Regardless of the specific area of banking and finance, lawyers in this field can provide support with negotiations, structuring and handling of financial arrangements, and conducting due diligence.

You need to write a will to administer the estate of someone who died. It is essential not just to make a will, but to make a will that is valid in Northern Cyprus. That is why you need a lawyer, who will properly prepare a will following the current rules and carry out the procedure of lodging it with the Court, in order to ensure that your property is protected. Lawyers are able to advise and assist with all aspects of the administration of a deceased person’s estate, including starting and completing probate procedures, as well as settling contentious will disputes and related problems.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will let you know if your find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer.

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