At Erginel Law, we understand that corporate and commercial activity is not just about deals and profit; building long-term relationships is also highly important.  We have been the trusted legal advisers of some clients for over 40 years and this is a valuable endorsement of the high quality of service we provide right across the legal spectrum to clients who are active in almost every sector of the TRNC economy.  Whether you wish to set up a company or need advice on a particular legal issue, our experienced lawyers are on hand to help.

We understand that, from sole proprietors to major corporations, every company’s needs are different and the experts of Erginel law possess knowledge and experience to meet those needs. Law and business are very much interconnected, so superior service offered to our clients can result in our client’s successful business activity and better overall market understanding.

Our qualified lawyers in Northern Cyprus provide clients with assistance in managing, merging, acquiring, transforming, investing, concluding agreements and contracts, complying with laws and settling disputes before courts. We prepare the appropriate documentation for our clients and familiarize them with all relevant facts that ensure efficiency.

The TRNC has a very active banking sector and our legal team is highly experienced in dealing with all banking-related matters.

Banking law and security are major issues worldwide nowadays and the need to comply with banking law is constantly evolving.  Many leading international commercial banks, investment banks and financial institutions repeatedly entrust their banking and finance-related work to our firm.