At Erginel Law, our advocates & legal consultants, provide a legal stronghold for your local or international Intellectual Property matters and by doing so, our lawyers ensure that the product of your work and research is adequately protected within the necessary regulations under TRNC and international laws.

We advise clients from a wide variety of industries and markets by providing legal services relating to the protection, acquisition and commercialization of IP.

Erginel Law represents many international companies, including Crocs, Quiksilver, Nike and Caterpillar, and has expertise in the fields of intellectual property, trademarks and patents. We offer clients commercially astute, practical guidance in all fields of intellectual property and give a flexible, responsive service which remains industry focused and dedicated.

We have an excellent record of success in the courts of the TRNC, having handled a number of high-achieving infringement and passing–off cases, most notably with regard to the Levi Strauss and Nike trademarks.

Our widely publicized successes set precedents and led to the closure of factories producing counterfeit goods.

In a time when the world is full of brands, it is essential to have your brand protected under local and international law. Legislation in this area is complex and subtle, and special expertise is requesting for proper registration. Our team will advise you throughout the process, from submitting of proposed marks to the TRNC Register of Companies (to ensure they could be registered and would not infringe the rights of others), to assisting with exploitation and enforcement, including though Court proceedings.

Our intellectual property lawyers in Northern Cyprus will assist you on trademark registration, intellectual property litigation, as well as advising on cross jurisdictional issues. At Erginel law, our advocate and legal consultants will advise you how to protect your business and rights.