Application to the Immovable Property Commission. IPC. Lawyer Girne. Erginel Law

Who can apply?  Any real person or a legal entity who owned an immovable property in North Cyprus on 20 July 1974 and who had to abandon such property.

What claims can be brought to the IPC? The applicant may claim for restitution, compensation or exchange for such property, together with the claim for compensation for loss of use and in certain cases for compensation for non-pecuniary damages arising out of its non-use.

How to apply? To start the process of application an application form and an affidavit have to be prepared and submitted alongside the required documents.  Your lawyer will advise and guide you during the application process. The application form has to be completed in Turkish.

Documents required for the application: The documents required will depend on the properties for which the application is being made, but as a basic set the following are required: Application form, affidavit, certified copies of the applicant’s identity card and/or passport, original title deeds. Your lawyer will assist you in putting together all the required and necessary documents and submit them to the IPC in a proper way.

Application deadline: December 21, 2021.

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