Wills, Probates And Administration of Estates

If you own a property in the TRNC or have assets here (eg a bank account), we strongly advise you to have a will prepared in your name here.  Even if you have a will elsewhere (in the UK or another country), it is advisable to have a will in the [ Read More ]

Civil Litigation

In the modern world, disputes are an inherent day-to-day risk.  It is important to resolve any dispute in the most cost effective and practical [ Read More ]

Residency Issues

Under the new Regulation on Residence Permit and Visas (105/2019), the immigration authorities at the ports and crossing points of Northern Cyprus have the discretion to determine [ Read More ]

Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Patents

Erginel Law represents many international companies, including Crocs, Quiksilver, Nike and Caterpillar, and has expertise in the fields of intellectual property, trademarks and patents. [ Read More ]

Property Matters

At Erginel Law, we have a wealth of experience of guiding our clients through buying and selling all types of property, and can  [ Read More ]


  We believe that taking sound legal advice at an early stage can often prove to be the least painful and most cost effective strategy of all. Our team is skilled in the field of arbitration  [ Read More ]

Corporate, Commercial and Banking Law

At Erginel Law, we understand that corporate and commercial activity is not just about deals and profit; building long-term relationships is also highly important. The TRNC has a very active banking sector [ Read More ]

Family Law

Our team of lawyers has considerable experience in dealing with family cases in North Cyprus. They understand the emotional strain  [ Read More ]


Erdem Erginel is our expert in this growing sector and is experienced in the provision of maritime law advice.  He understands the issues that affect our shipping clients  [ Read More ]

International Law

Our advocates and legal consultants will provide you with strategic legal advice for domestic and international companies doing business overseas, as well as those facing legal disputes in foreign jurisdictions. [ Read More ]

The EU aid programme for Turkish Cypriot Community

At Erginel law, we have vast experience with the EU law and regulations and would like to recommend you to seek legal advice when lodging an application to the EU Aid Programme. [ Read More ]

Immovable Property Commission Disputes

At Erginel Law, we have helped a number of Greek Cypriots to apply to the IPC and our reputation for independence and fairness ensures that all parties are represented in a professional manner. [ Read More ]

EU law

Our lawyers dealing with EU law have extensive experience in legal practice on EU regulations, including trade to the EU through the Green Line, and the harmonisation of domestic (TRNC) law with EU law. [ Read More ]