As in any country, litigation in the TRNC can be protracted, stressful and expensive.  We believe that taking sound legal advice at an early stage can often prove to be the least painful and most cost effective strategy of all. Arbitration, as a form of alternative dispute resolution, permits parties to settle a dispute outside the court system and therefore save time and money of both parties.

Most of the times it is the best to resolve disputes consensually and quickly; therefore parties often decide to settle matters by arbitration. Its procedures have various advantages in comparison to court settlements, such as greater cost and time efficiency, confidentiality and flexibility of the proceedings.

At Erginel Law, our advocates & legal consultants understand that arbitration can bring significant benefits in solving commercial disputes.

Our team is skilled in the field of arbitration and highly experienced in helping clients to reach an amicable and mutually acceptable settlement without going to the court.

Our experts offer services in counseling and representation of clients in other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including out-of-court settlements, mediation and other solutions leading to the amicable settlement of a dispute.