Domestic violence in the TRNC

As we all know, during the Covid-19 lockdown we found the opportunity to spend more time with our families, to take care of our health, to make new professional and personal plans, and so on.  However, the lockdown also led to a downturn in the economy, unemployment and worldwide financial crisis.  Moreover, the restriction on movement imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus led to a rise in domestic violence across the world.Even though the TRNC government has started easing the restrictions due to the epidemic, the issue of increasing levels of domestic violence is still ongoing.

According to global statistics, about half of the female prisoners convicted for murder were victims of domestic violence and murdered their husbands just because they could not tolerate physical or moral abuse anymore. Violence at home is a harmful influence on victims’ lifestyle.

A home has to be a safe place for everyone and if someone does not feel this way, it is advisable to change it, for the sake of their mental and physical health.

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At Erginel Law, based on our experience in solving the domestic violence situation, we have prepared guidance of what to do if you are in a situation of domestic violence or abuse:

1. Do not underestimate the amount of danger you are in. Human dignity and respect for yourself must have priority. Do not be afraid to leave.  Once you take a step forward, you will be closer to freedom and safety.

2. Stop living in a bubble – tell someone about your pain. Do not be afraid to ask for support. You can talk to relatives, friends or a lawyer. Keeping the violence secret simply encourages the harmful behavior.

3. Call the police (phone number 155). Instead of taking matters into your own hands, call the police and let them know that you are in danger. If you cannot call the police on your own, do not hesitate to tell your neighbors that you are under domestic violence. Ask them to call the police in case they will hear noises and screams.  As an alternative you can create a code, together with your relatives or friends.  When you tell them the code via a phone call or a text message, it will be the direct sign for them to call the police.

Domestic violence is illegal in the TRNC and the police would have a process for handling abuse.  The TRNC courts are entitled to impose orders to prevent violence or threats of violence so that violence stops and the victim has the opportunity to stop violence and avoid the abuser. The lawyer can obtain a “stay away” injunction on keeping a certain distance (not closer 100 meters) from your home.

4. It is essential to document the abuse. Get as much evidence as you can concern the violence. Keep a diary and note down the dates/times of the abuse, get videos/pictures of the violence, get pictures of any injury, and get pictures of weapons used, if any. In order to build the strong evidence base of domestic violence the victim must also have a medical report of injuries caused by domestic abuse.

5.Do not stay any longer in an abusive relationship. We understand that sometimes emotional and financial attachment to the abuser can lead the victims to stay exposed to violence, but this should not be a reason to have a life of suffering. If you do not feel yourself safe at home, try to leave as soon as possible. Find temporary accommodation.

Every violence, including domestic violence, has to be reduced and the aggressor must be punished in accordance with the laws.


05428763030 / 05338553030 –  all kind of information, support, legal advice and shelter. Available 24/7 also on WhatsApp and Viber.

155 / 183 –  in case of emergency.

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