If you own a property in the TRNC or have assets here (eg a bank account), we strongly advise you to have a will prepared in your name here.  Even if you have a will elsewhere (in the UK or another country), it is advisable to have a will in the TRNC as well, specifically to cover your assets here, especially as partners/cohabitants do not have the same rights as partners in the UK and many other countries.

In addition, it is important to review your will periodically, to ensure it reflects any change in your circumstances or wishes.

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Under North Cyprus law, when a person dies, obtaining probate can be a lengthy procedure but our experienced and sympathetic staff will help guide clients through the process, from completing all the necessary steps to obtain the Grant of Probate for the estate of the deceased to distributing the deceased’s assets among the beneficiaries under the will.

Our lawyers are able to advise and assist with all aspects of the administration of a deceased person’s estate, including settling contentious will disputes and related problems.