At Erginel Law, our lawyers and legal consultants have a vast experience in shipping and maritime law in the TRNC. Our lawyers in Northern Cyprus understand the issues that affect our shipping clients and can provide the specialist legal, local and trade knowledge to guide them through the many aspects of maritime operations. We are experienced in shipping legislation and ship registration and are able to provide useful guidance on cross-border transactions.

Our Advocates & Legal Consultants in Northern Cyprus give clear and comprehensive advice on the following matters: maritime commerce, choice of flag, employment issues specific to shipping companies (including compensation of 

personal injury & death), loss of or damage to cargo, ship sales and purchases, freight disputes, etc.

The process of shipping entails the inevitable bureaucracy, legal processes and tax payment involved in exporting and importing.  We highly recommend that you to seek for advice at local experienced in maritime law lawyer to be sure that documents are prepared correctly and all rules are followed.

Otherwise, there is always the possibility that upon arrival of a ship to Northern Cyprus, some delays and issues can be found.

By choosing us as your representative, our qualified lawyers undertake all company and tax law related matters, including the review, preparation and negotiation of a variety of commercial shipping contracts, ranging from the preparation of a purchase-related memorandum of agreement.