7-days quarantine for Category B Countries (including Turkey and UK): New measures by the government to stop the spreading of Covid-19 in Northern Cyprus

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Recently the Council of Ministers of TRNC has passed the regulation on the measures to be taken to stop the spreading of COVID-19 in Northern Cyprus.

As we all know, since the flights to Northern Cyprus resumed in July, the number of coronavirus cases rose rapidly. To prevent the “second wave” of the Covid-19 and a lockdown, the Council of Ministers has deemed appropriate to quarantine everyone who will come to Northern Cyprus from countries in Category B (including Turkey and UK) for 7-days.

Northern Cyprus. 7-days quarantine for Category B countries. including Turkey and the UK

The Ministry of Finance of Northern Cyprus will determinate the hotel where visitors will stay during the 7-days quarantine.

These visitors will not be able to self-quarantine at their homes.

The students who will come to Northern Cyprus from Category B countries will also be isolated in the dormitories or hotels determined by their universities.  The students are exempt from quarantine fees.

To recall: The existing rules will continue to apply to visitors arriving in Northern Cyprus from Category A and C countries.Read more

However, some amendments have been made regarding to the duration of the PCR tests required from visitors when they are entering Northern Cyprus.

  1. Category A countries – the PCR tests have to be done 72 hours prior to the entry into the TRNC.
  2. Category B and C countries – the PCR tests have to be done within 0-120 hours before entry into the TRNC.

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