Updated rules on crossing the check points cyprus

In accordance with the latest decision of the TRNC Council of Ministers, everyone who crosses a Green Line will be subject to 10-days quarantine upon the crossing to Northern Cyprus.

However, the following categories are able to cross the check points without undertaking a 10-days quarantine upon traveling to Northern Cyprus.

1-    Patients, residing in the TRNC and receiving medical treatment in the South or vica versa, are able to enter TRNC without quarantine if they provide a negative PCR test that has been taken within 72 hours. After returning to the TRNC, the person must take further PCR tests on the 7th and the 14th day.

2-    People who trade under the Green Line Regulation are not subject to the quarantine, only if they received a permission to trade from the District Police Department.

3-    Students who are studying in the South but residing in the North are permitted to cross the check points provided they have proof of negative PCR test taken within less than 7 days.

4-    People who reside in the TRNC and work in South Cyprus or vica versa may cross the check points if they provide a PCR test taken within less than 7 days.

5-    People residing in the TRNC who want to travel abroad via South Cyprus, may do so by using the taxi service with a “T” permit. However, such crossing is only permitted for transfers to Larnaca Airport.

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