When you apply for a permanent residence permit or dual citizenship in countries such as Canada, USA, UK, etc. you are required to provide a Police Certificate from your country of origin and country (-ies) where you had temporarily /permanently resided.

Hence, if you have resided in TRNC for a while, and you are about to apply for permanent residency or citizenship, you will need to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate for the period you lived in Northern Cyprus.

Basically, a Police Certificate or Police Report is a statement that you do not have any criminal record, or if you have one, a copy of your criminal record.

There are two ways to obtain a Police Certificate in Northern Cyprus

  1. Apply to the TRNC Police in person.
  2. Give a POA to your lawyer in Northern Cyprus, so that your lawyer will be able to act on your behalf and apply for a Police Report for you. A lawyer, being your legal representative, will take care of the procedure needed, and there will not be any need for you to travel to Cyprus for this procedure.

The documents required for Police Clearance Certificate

  1. A copy of the passport;
  2. If you have changed your passport, you will need to provide a copy of your passport (-s) that were valid at the time you resided in Northern Cyprus;
  3. Two passport size photographs;
  4. A POA, if the Police Certificate is requested by a lawyer;
  5. Stamp duty.

The application for a Police Certificate can be lodged to any TRNC District Police Department or Police Station regardless of your previous place of residence in Northern Cyprus.

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