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  • Does Erginel Law handle cases on a “No Win, No Fee” basis?


  • Where is your office situated?

    Mustafa Çağatay Avenue, No. 16, Girne (In front of the Kyrenia Court)

Property Matters


  • Are there any restrictions for foreigners buying immovable property in the TRNC?

    Yes, there are. A foreigner can buy a property or one dönüm of land, or they can obtain a Purchase Permit to buy a dwelling on a plot of land not exceeding 5 dönüms (1 dönüm is 1,338m2).

  • Can I own more than one house or one piece of land at the same time?

    Non-TRNC citizens cannot own more than one property or piece of land at the same time.

  • What is meant by “Permission to Purchase” (PTP)?

    PTP is a Purchase Permit granted by the Council of Ministers.

  • How do I apply for Permission to Purchase?

    Normally purchasers apply through their lawyers to the Ministry of Interior.

  • What is a koçan? What information does it show?

    A koçan is the title deed that shows the owner of a property.

  • How can I tell if there is a mortgage or other lien against the property I am buying?

    By conducting a search at the District Land Office.

  • Can I sell an immovable property in TRNC without a Title Deed?

    Yes, selling an immovable property in TRNC without a title deed is possible, only if  you have registered your Contract of Sale (which you and the registered owner have signed) at the District Lands Office.

Property taxes:

  • What are immovable property taxes in Cyprus?

    Stamp duty, Capital gains tax (Stopaj tax), VAT(KDV) and The Transfer Tax.

  • Once I have paid in full for my property, what other costs must I pay to have the title deed transferred into my name?

    You will have to pay a transfer fee and if the vendor is a professional vendor, you will also have to pay VAT.

  • Is there a time limit for transfer?


  • Do I have to pay KDV (VAT)?

    VAT is payable if the vendor is classified as professional.

  • Do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax when I sell my property?

    You have the right not to pay capital gains tax on one property and/or piece of land.


  • My tenants are behind with their rent. Can I evict them and change the locks?

    You have to take the tenant to court and get an eviction order. You cannot change the locks without an eviction order.

  • My landlord wants to double the rent without warning. Is that lawful?

    Not without a court order.

Visas & Residence Permits

  • Are there restrictions on residency for foreigners?

    Upon entry to TRNC, a specified period will be stated on the entry visa of all foreigners. You have to either leave the TRNC or apply for a residence permit at the end of your visa duration.

  • If I arrived at Cyprus through Ercan airport, would I be able to fly to my country from an airport of South Cyprus (Larnaca/Paphos airport)?

    In accordance with The EU laws an EU citizen would be able to enter Cyprus at Ercan Airport, travel to the South and fly out from one of the airports there. If a citizen of a non-EU country arrives in Cyprus through the Ercan Airport (or one of the sea ports in the North) they would not be allowed to cross over the green line to the South and leave the island from there.

  • What does a “residence permit due to high income” mean?

    The legal provisions in TRNC on residence permit due to high income enables foreign nationals to apply for a residence permit without fulfilling the requirement of ownership of immovable property in Northern Cyprus

  • How to become a citizen of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)?

    1) You are a child born to one or both parents who are Turkish Cypriot citizens;
    2) Your spouse is citizen of Northern Cyprus;
    3) You are ready to make a valuable investment in Northern Cyprus.

Family Law

  • Do cohabitants have any rights in the TRNC?

    Unfortunately, cohabitants have limited rights in Northern Cyprus. under the laws of Northern Cyprus, there is no parallel and couples cohabiting do not have the same rights as married couples.

  • My fiancée and I are foreign nationals and we would like to get married in Northern Cyprus. Is this possible?


  • I live with my partner but we are not married. We have left everything to each other in our wills. Can a previous spouse or their children contest that?

    An ex-wife/husband cannot contest the will but the children can.

  • My ex-partner is harassing me. Can I obtain a restraining order in the TRNC?

    You would need to make a complaint to the police.

Wills & Estates

  • I live in rented accommodation and drive a hire car; do I need to make a will in the TRNC?

    Not if you do not own any assets in the TRNC.

  • Can my executor also be a beneficiary under my will?

    It will depend on the circumstances.

  • Do I need to include the name of a lawyer in my will as an executor?

    Your lawyer can be your executor but it is not obligatory. You can choose whoever you wish to be executor(s).

  • Is it true that under TRNC law you cannot leave your estate to whoever you wish?

    If you or your father was born in the UK or any other Commonwealth country, you can make a will in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and dispose of your assets as you wish. However, for another citizens there is a restriction.


  • If I become involved in a court case, will my passport be impounded?

    If anyone is involved in any criminal act, pending the investigation, their passport can be impounded if the police apply to the court and obtain an order to that effect.

  • I won my case but the other party is refusing to pay up. What are my rights?

    A writ has to be issued against the assets of the defendant.

  • I am a victim of bank phishing. What are my rights?

    In the first instance, you need to file a complaint with the police.

  • I am a foreigner. Can I set up a charity in the TRNC?

    Initially, you can set up a Society with a total of 7 founder members. Later, you can apply to the Council of Ministers to have the Society declared a charitable society.

  • Is a driving license that was issued by a foreign country valid in Northern Cyprus?

    Foreigners can drive a vehicle with their national driving license for a period of one month from the moment of entry the TRNC. After this period is over, one must apply for the exchange of the driving license.

  • How can I travel to TRNC from South Cyprus with a dog?

    In accordance with Green Line Regulation 866/2004, crossing of any live animals including dogs though the crossing points are strictly prohibited.

  • Are there any restrictions on the activities of International Business (Offshore) Companies Northern Cyprus?

    Yes, there are certain restrictions on International Business Company activities.

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