Family Residence Permit in Northern Cyprus | immigration lawyerNon-married couples can obtain Family Residence Permit in TRNC

The TRNC Council of Ministers made a long-awaited amendment to the category of foreign nationals who can obtain family residence permits. Further to this amendment, unmarried couples will be able to obtain a family residence permit.
Such changes in immigration laws and regulations often reduce the difficulties in obtaining residency for the couples who are not married. However, a certain procedure has to be followed.
 Non-married couples and people who are living together in the same property must provide a document that proves their cohabitation, in order to be eligible for a residence permit. A special form must be certified by a certifying officer and submitted with the residency application.

Family residence permit for parents whose child reside in Northern Cyprus

We frequently receive the question whether parents can apply for a family residence permit if their children reside in Cyprus. Unfortunately, there are only three circumstances under which parents will be able to apply for a family residency:
➤ The child legally works in Northern Cyprus and his/her grandchildren are under the age of 12;
➤ The child is a TRNC citizen;
➤ The child is a holder of Student Residence Permit.

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