We, at Erginel Law, have prepared a brief guidance on the main requirements for the application for A2 Family Residence Permit in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C).

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Who can apply for A2 Residence Permit?A sponsor’s single son under the age of 25;
A sponsor’s single daughter of any age ;
A sponsor’s or her/his spouse’s disabled child older than 18 years of age.

Who can be exempt from applying for A2 Residence Permit?
A sponsor’s minor child;
A sponsor’s child of any age who is citizen of TRNC.

Who is eligible to be a sponsor?
Citizens of TRNC;
Holders of a residence permit;
Holders of a business establishment permit;
Holders of a permanent residence permit;
Holders of a work permit.;

What do I need to consider?
The sponsor is required to have a monthly income of minimum wage for a family consisting of no more than four members including him/herself , If the family consists of more than four members, the sponsor is required to have an additional monthly income of not less than 25% of the minimum wage per family member.

Click the link below to read the leaflet on the main requirements for the family residence permit in Northern Cyprus.

Family Residence Permit for a child in Northern Cyprus

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