Conall JJ

I have known Peyman for a few years and I can definitely trust her strategy and professional skills. There are a lot of law companies around in Girne and I’m happy that choose this one. Staff is very friendly and lawyers understand my problems and interests. I’m satisfied with quality of service and their approaches to every case and highly recommend this company!

Aliyu Ahmed

I contracted the service of Erginel Law to get a police clearance certificate from Cyprus and it was a great experience. Very responsive, professional and timely firm and they delivered on the promise to get the certificate to me. I totally recommend them for any service they offer.

Olufemi Emmanuel

Its a very professional and efficient law firm. Liliia was really helpful. Thank you so much. I got my police report in two days, wow I am so happy I choose you guys and I will always recommend your service.

David & Elizabeth Brown

Peyman managed to achieve two significant decisions. The first was being able to put an injunction on our property to prevent the Bank from selling our house and, secondly, putting a charge on our builders’ other properties to ensure that any sale proceeds would go to removing the mortgage on our property. The bank still proved difficult but, eventually, Peyman managed to break the deadlock with her persistence. Whilst we were on vacation in Spain, Peyman rang to tell us that the title was in our name. We now have our title deeds.

Кріцак Христина

Ми дуже вдячні юристам, за те що проявили інтерес і допомогли нам. Надзвичайно приємний персонал.

Bertrand Fung Kum

I would add more stars if i could. you came through for us in the shortest time frame.

Geraldine Targett

After lots of heartache, stress and sleepless nights, due to Peyman’s belief in what my partner wanted, her experience, eloquence and tenacity in acting on my behalf, I now own my home. Lessons to be learnt by partners in the TRNC:EVERYTHING IN JOIN NAMES = TOTAL PEACE OF MIND and can be legally upheld.
It goes without saying: go to a very good advocate that has the knowledges and the experience to help.

Scarlet Mugisha

Very professional, client oriented, efficient and responsive. Liliia Is well knowledgeable with international document legalization. Highly recommend.

Rukiye Özdoğan

Erginel Law had guided me really well through all of my concerns and questions in a very professional manner. I would definitely suggest them!

Jenna Charman

I would recommend Erginel Law highly for their exceptional service. I have been dealing with this firm for many months now and they have been outstanding. They have been very helpful and attentive, always at the the other end of a phone call or email when needed. They have gone above and beyond our expectations. I cannot thank them enough for their help.

Наталья Захарова

Очень благодарна всей команде за профессионализм, человеческий подход, четкую и слаженную работу) очень помогло то, что говорят с вами и на английском, и на русском, никакого недопонимания!!! Особенно благодарна Лилии, которая курировала мой запрос. Прекрасный специалист и замечательный отзывчивый человек)) всем спасибо, у нас все получилось!!!

Alp Zorba

Güvenilir, kaliteli hukuk bürosu. Taşınmaz mal hukuku konusunda ülkenin en iyilerinden.

Gary Ilott

Having lived here since 2005 and always followed Peyman’s advice, I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Susan & Kenneth Ford

We are extremely grateful to Peyman Erginel for resolving our problem and achieving a favourable result our behalf.

Jack Swift

One of the most trustworthy and reliable legal firms in North Cyprus. The lawyers are friendly and willing to help with any issue a person may have, and they provide very high level professional services. It is no surprise that they have so many foreign clients. This is the office any expat in North Cyprus should go to. I highly recommend them!

David Taver

They helped me to set up business here. It is very nice to work with professionals.

The late Marian Philip’s family

Peyman Erginel represented Marian Philip at Court and managed to get an injunction to prevent the closure of the road by the neighbour. At the end of the legal battle, which took more than seven years, she successfully argued at the Supreme Court that the TRNC should rectify the negligence of the Republic of Cyprus Government.

Diane Wheatley

Our Lawyer for 27 years!!!

Gorreth Nagadya

They responded incredibly quickly, and everything went smoothly. We were able to get married quickly and without any stress because they did all the work for us and was a breeze to do everything. So i would like to say thank you Erginel Law

Honey Hayal

This lady [Peyman Erginel]  is a force to be reckoned with . She and her team/practice are one of the most honest firms I have dealt with . I would have no hesitation in recommending her Law Offices .

Hayat Beyler

Don’t mess with Peyman in court.

David Brown

Having known Peyman for 15 years and seeing first hand how she has helped BRS members I know that she has always done her best for her clients to get a positive result.

Teresa Jones

I found the service absolutely professional. The staff were very friendly. And I greatly appreciate their advice and guidance. I couldn’t have got through the bureaucracy without them (and their stamps!!). Highly recommended!

Jane & Derek Matte Jones

Eventually, our house was transferred to us and we are now the registered owners of our retirement home. We are gratefully indebted to Peyman and cannot thank her enough for saving us from our nightmare experience.

Vitaliy Titishin

Покупали недвижимость на Северном Кипре и обратились в Erginel Law для составления контракта. Очень довольны сервисом, все прошло гладко и без проблем. Рекомендуем.

Emma Hall

I like their approach.They have helped me with making a will, and I’m very satisfied with the service.


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